Sunday, 9 August 2015

Kyoru lyrics (rejected)

High grade,
Retro ticker-tape display
tribute to how they rolled
back in the glory days

Short trade,
spinning all the strands
out into endless space

Suit, shades
you’re all about the money game
now no-one wants to stage
your world-changing play


their sad eyes look up to me
all across this once great nation
what did you do daddy
during the great moderation?

oh, bring it back again,
my cheap faith.

Dark days
you shouldn’t have to die this way
after a lifetime cultivating
such expensive tastes.

Throw shade,
take a bullet for the old Beltway
dose up on the meds they gave you
turn sharp right at centre stage


all the lost souls cry out to me
from these ruined conurbations
what did you do for me
during the great moderation?

there’s no price I wouldn’t pay
to have it back again
kneel my children, pray
for some cheap faith.

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